The MA Performance Practices  at the HOME OF PERFORMANCE PRACTICES is a two-year, high-intensity, low-residency programme. It is a course for artists with a curiosity for learning, a spirit of experimentation, and an ambition to grow, who are committed to artistic research as a life-long practice in dialogue with peers and audience. Focusing on the students' research, the programme’s post-humanist affinities guide the students to engage practically in their performance making with the notions of care, hospitality of otherness and ecological thinking.

The course offers five specialisations: Choreography, Theatre Practices, Performance Art, De-disciplined Body and Digital Performances. HOME's de-disciplined curriculum complements the fluid nature of performance by allowing students to study with students from all specialisations and even other departments within ArtEZ Unviersity of the Arts and engage with lecturers, tutors, supervisors and mentors both within and beyond HOME as suits their individual practices



The curriculum is  designed to allow for a thoughtful progression, integration and consistency of those skills needed for an ethically and ecologically geared artistic research within the required competencies and learning objectives that come with our status as a fully accredited Master's Degree.

All students of all specialisations need to follow 75 credits of core modules and 45 credits of their specialisation modules (see below).

Group sessions are organised in eight residential periods of three to five weeks spread throughout the two years. In between residential periods, students work autonomously on their own research projects with the support of one-to-one tutorials, online group meetings, and peer feedback. For more information about the schedule and the delivery mode, please download the pdf.

Overview Year Schedule 2021-2022


1st Residential

06 Sep-08 Oct


Body in Performance

Desigining the body in Research

Wild Bodies 1 (Critical Encounters)

2nd Residential

10 Jan-11 Feb

Bodies in Dissent

Specialisation Module 1

Specialisation Module 2

Wild Bodies 1 (Graduate School Exchange & De-disciplined Week)


3rd Residential

25 Apr-20 May

Studio Practice & Feedback Frameworks

Dramaturgical Practice & Making Public


4th Residential

27 Jun-14 Jul

Dramaturgical Practice & Making Public

Wild Bodies I




5th Residential

20 Sep-22 Oct

Post-Body Reflections

Ecologies of Performance: Curation & Facilitation

Dissemination & Documentation


6th Residential

10 Jan-11 Feb

Dissertation by Practice

Specialisation Module 1

Specialisation Module 2

Wild Bodies 2 (Graduate School Exchange & De-disciplined Week)


7th Residential

09-20 May

Dissertation by Practice


8th Residential

27th Jun-14 Jul

Dissertation by Practice




Artistic Leader

Dr Pavlos Kountouriotis 

Programme Coordinators

Wendy de Visser

Recruitment & Registry

Kiki Jansen

Digital Environments Coordinator

Maria Pisiou

Production Manager

Irina Baldini

Social Media Manager

Andrea van der Kuil

Director of Research

Dr Nishant Shah

Senior Research Fellows

Dr João da Silva

Maeve O'Brien Braun

Associate Researcher/Lecturer

Carin Rustema

Guest Lecturers 

Astarti Athanasiadou

Maria Mavridou

Suzan Tunca

Asu Aksu

Mentors *

Alana Jelinek (AU/UK)

Amalia Balaska (GR)
Andrea Bozic (NL/HR)
Andrea Pagnes (IT)
Ant Hampton (UK)
Arianne Portegies (NL)
Bakani Pick-Up (UK)
Benjamin Verdonck (BE)
Billy Mullaney (US/NL)
Bojana Cvejic (RS/BE)
Bruno Listopad (PT/NL)
Carin Rustema (NL)

Christopher Matthew Hutchins(UK)
Clara Amaral (PT/NL)

Dan Zoroaster Svarc 
Danae Theodoridou (GR)
Danielle Wagenaar (NL)
David Weber-Krebs (BE)
Deniz Buga (NL)
Dominique Gilliot (FR)
Dood Paard (NL)

Duncan Chapman (UK)

Egle Budvytyte/ Peleda (LT)

Emma Cocker (UK)

Emilie Gallier (FR/UK)
Erik Hagoort (NL)

Eva Karzcag (NL)

Eve Hopkins (NL)

Fransien van der Putt (NL)

Gabby Allard (NL)

Georgios Tsagdis (GR/UK)

Giulia Casalini(UK)

Halory Goerger (FR)

Henry Alles (NL)

Jacoba Bruneel (UK)

Janez Jansa (SI)

Jeanine Durning (US)
Joachim Robbrecht (NL)
João da Silva (BR)
João Fiadeiro (PT)

Jonathan Burrows (UK)

Judith Wambacq (BE)

Julyen Hamilton(UK/GR)

Kat Valastur(GR/BE)

Katrina Brown (UK)

Kayla Dougan-Bowtell (UK)

Konstantina Georgelou (GR/NL)

Lara Staal (NL)

Liesbeth Groot-Nibbelink (NL)

Linda Rogers (UK)

Lotte van den Berg (NL)


Louise Coles

Lucy Suggate (UK)
Marc Boumeester (NL)

Marijn Lems (NL)

Marilyn Arsem (US)

Mårten Spangberg (SE)

Matteo Fargeon (UK)

Meg Stuart (US)

Michael Laub (BE)

Michael Zandl (AT)

Mirjan van Imschoot (NL)
Paula Walta (NL)

Pedro Manuel (NL/PR)
Pieterjan Seynave (BE)
Rainer Hoffman (DE)

Rebecca Lee(US)
Romy Rüegger (CH)
Rudi Laermans (BE)
Sarah van Lamsweerde (NL)

Sol Rezza (AR)

Tara Fatehi Irani (UK)

Zhana Ivanova (BG/NL)




* In this list you will find a pretty (but not entirely) complete overview of all the brilliant people who over the course since 2014 have been contributing to our collective thinking, to the growth and development of our curriculum. As one-off guest lecturers, as returning guest lecturers, as regular tutors, associate researchers, project leaders, guest curators, external examiners, coaches and respondents. By publishing this list we do not claim that all these names are still connected to our program (although with many of them we've kept the conversation going, even from a distance) - we do however want to honor the fact that each and every "tutorial" contribution has helped us shape and re-shape the HOME OF PERFORMANCE PRACTICES.