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Day 1: Finals | Performative Experiments by our first-year students

Welcome to the final performances/performative experiments of our first-year students! Day 1: performances by Danielle Gallia-Kind and Steef Kersbergen

Day 1: Finals | Performative Experiments by our first-year students
Day 1: Finals | Performative Experiments by our first-year students

Time & Location

04 Jul 2022, 18:00 – 19:30

ArtEZ, Zaal 2 & Studio 20, Onderlangs 9, 6812 CE Arnhem, Netherlands

About the Event

Help me remember by Danielle Gallia-Kind

18:00 | Zaal 2

Different spiritual paths believe that during the caesura of birth and early moments of life, human beings forget that they, we, once had access to all knowledge exists. Through different rituals offered, people practice peeling layers of consciousness to remind oneself what was always there in their hearts.

In this performative ritual, a group of young adults (not so young anymore) led by a fresh mother, seek to find their own version to retouch what we all have lost contact with. Going back to basic elements of dance they practice the love for rhythm, sharing the support that comes with gravity and the physical relationships that emerge through baby-care operations.

Performers and co-creators: Mar Esteban Martin, Thomas Diafas, Roni Yaacobi, Kadri Sirel, Antti Uimonen


Transition Temporality  by Steef Kersbergen

18:45 | Studio 20

Right now

I dream of right now

A celebration of the in-between

Beauty in awaiting change

Longing for arriving in a place I’ve never been

A mixed media performance on hair and shaving, combining video- and live-elements.

A result of a year of research into the nonbinary identity and transition.

Searching, again and again, for places and moments of joy, beauty and community in an individuals transition into a nonbinary identity and expression.

And again I shave

After a dream of my former name, long hair and a beard

After a stranger expressed how he doesn’t like the gay stuff

After the barber told me not to tell anyone that he shaved me

After I gave the hair no time to grow back

Camera: Vicky Maier

Performers on video: Fay Aldhukair, Tomas Diafas, Carolien Ruoff, Jolanda Kersbergen, Wim Kersbergen, Gerben Vaillant, Mike Witjes and Marco Misset

Performance and text: Steef Kersbergen

Photo Credits: Vicky Maier

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