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Day 1: Finals | Performative Experiments by Y1 students

Welcome to the performances of our Y1 students! DAY 1: Performative experiments by Niki Christoforidou, Claudia Ferrando, Clio van Aerde

Day 1: Finals | Performative Experiments by Y1 students
Day 1: Finals | Performative Experiments by Y1 students

Time & Location

03 Jul 2023, 17:30 – 19:30

Theatrium, ArtEZ, University of the Arts, Onderlangs 9, 6812 CE Arnhem, Netherlands

About the Event

Let’s go simple or this is just another experience by Niki Christoforidou

17:30 at Zaal 1

Traveling bodies

       Connecting dots

                Through time, space and people

                          Encounters that shape our paths

What do we do with things that emerge?

               Fleeting moments

                   Transformative experiences

                               Inner landscapes

                        The impact of embracing the unknown

What do we leave behind?

Composition/Direction by Niki Christoforidou

Performer: Niki Christoforidou

Special thanks to Lisa Hofmann, Daz Disley


Transmitter by Clàudia Ferrando

18:15 | Studio 4

In search for resonance and tunning, the transmitter. Mediating between

Moving instrument

               Emerging body

                             Sounding voice

Boundaries dissolve as the echoes and remembrances are followed and amplified. Meetings become apparent. Body softening, looking for carrying signals and patterns, without knowing destination. As a quest for extending time and space, by allowing a continuous flow constantly to transform.

Force in space

              Keys and bones

                       Trace reveals


Creator: Clàudia Ferrando

Supervisor: Matthias Quabbe, Daz Disley

Assistance and Performance: Felipe Navarro

Creative advice: Viktor Braun


Sweep it by Clio Van Aerde

19:00 | Zaal 3

Sweep It seeks to shed light on invisible/invisibilized manual labour that is hidden, devalued or ignored, but is maintaining today’s standards of life. It critically questions the alienating logic of capitalistic productivity and investigates the purpose, the attention and the value given to work in general and to labour in particular.

This performance invites you to bring awareness to the poetical within production, through pursuing ways to subvert and renegotiate the attention and the place it has been assigned to.

‘Never Work’ – Guy Debord

Creator: Clio Van Aerde

Performer: Clio Van Aerde

Sound/Music: magnidt

Photo Credits: Clio Van Aerde

***Admission is free for all the performances

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