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DAY 2: Final Performances by Danielle Gallia-Kind, Mar Esteban Martin and Vicky Maier

Welcome to the Final Performances of our Graduating Students! DAY 2: Performances by Danielle Gallia-Kind, Mar Esteban Martin and Vicky Maier

DAY 2: Final Performances by Danielle Gallia-Kind, Mar Esteban Martin and Vicky  Maier
DAY 2: Final Performances by Danielle Gallia-Kind, Mar Esteban Martin and Vicky  Maier

Time & Location

09 May 2023, 17:00 – 20:30

Arnhem, Onderlangs 9, 6812 CE Arnhem, Netherlands

About the Event

POSTPARTUMDANCE by Danielle Gallia-Kind

17:00 | ArtEZ, Zaal 1

postpardumdance is a collection of tattooed memories.

It started from countless moments in which I carried my baby in a baby carrier with the goal of helping him calm down and/or fall asleep. Intuitively, in order to connect to sources of energy in an exhausting time, I chose to transform this repetitive task into a practice: “do your labor, only think about as dance, see what happens”.

More than 40 mothers traveled through this process.

This performance, as our time together, explores the range between being apart and the wish to be together. With our children, with each other, with you.

postpartumdance gives the stage to the voice of M/others. To their constantly becoming physical archive. To their daily rhythm, to their transfers of weight.

It is a beginning of a sneak pick to, or a daydream of, what is a born inside a mother when she is born as a mother, and never dies.

Concept & Production: Danielle Gallia-Kind

Co-creator: Noa Simons

Supervisor: Dr. Mariella Greil

External Mentor: Dr. Einav Katan-Schmid

Performers: Janneke Van der vlugt & Sammy, Michelle Tarnskeen & Bodi, Lena Baute & Robin, Christel Linssen & Anna, Noa simons & Eden, Danielle Gallia-Kind & Sol

Original music: Mar Esteban Martin

Voices and testimonies: Tina Corai, Noa Simons, Emily Tegnell, Janneke van der Vlugt, Heather DeAtley, Lybomira Ivanova, Danielle Gallia-Kind. And their babies

Light design: Doron Gallia-Kind

Host: Eleonore Piquemal

Thank you mothers: Daniel Barkan, Adrianne Oudenampsen, Shani Bar-Dimri, Dar Mahlev, Shaked Spektor, Roni Reich, Angelina Bod, Eugenia Di Meco, Hyangsook Park (Suki), Elia Bar-Adon, Shay Ramot and everyone who took part in the practices and encounters.

NOT THE SAME BLUE by Mar Esteban Martin

18:30 | ArtEZ, Studio 4

Detach. Move. Sediment.


Conceived as a site-responsive performance, NOT THE SAME BLUE is an aural and visual journey into an excavated space yet in process, a landscape constantly evolving that explores geological connections between bodies and space.

Immersed in an intimate and speculative audio-walk, audience is guided into an archeological expedition and invited to fall into their senses and imagination as they walk across the building. Combining language, live music and movement research, performers coexist overlapping gestures and creating poetic, absurd and suggestive soundscapes and scenes that overflow anthropomorphic imaginaries. The work presents embodied dialogues between performers and geological phenomena and unearths reciprocal possibilities through the evocation of scenarios that are still under construction.

NOT THE SAME BLUE stands up for a different atmospheric tonality. It addresses processes of erosion, change, deconstruction and decomposition suggesting ways of knowing, making and inhabiting that listen and touch inwards, outwards and in-between.

The performance is informed by a research-practice that resonates with deep listening, somatic-based practices, improvisation, contemplative states and phenomenological and experimental encounters with sites.

Concept & Production: Mar Esteban Martin

Supervisor: Mariella Greil

External Mentor: Esther Rodríguez Barbero

Performers: Kim Kamilla Jäger, Miriam Westphal, Mar Esteban Martin

Technical Assistance: Maria Cozzani

Assistant: Tania González

Design advisor: Leonie Staman

Thanks to Álvar Rosell, Antti Uimonen, Anna Aymerich, Marta Garreta, Marta Martí


19:30 | ArtEZ, Zaal 3

Welcome to an evening full of stories!

Follow Vicky on their journey back in time and space... to an eventful summer last year in Germany. And then follow them to even more places and times... to learn about Wolperdinger, hear tales of cancel culture and stories of creatures gathering at a comedy camp.

Based on research about comedic storytelling as a form of expression that has the power to evoke laughter, illuminate social issues and bring people together, this performance aims to explore the ethics of comedy.

Let's discover together: Can we laugh our way to a better tomorrow?

Supervisor: daz diesley

External Mentor: Sahand Sahebdivani

Performer: Vicky Maier

Techical support: Steef Kersbergen

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