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Day 3: Finals | Performative Experiments by our first-year students

Welcome to the final performances/performative experiments of our first-year students! Day 3: performances by Tania González, Fay and Ryan O' Shea

Day 3: Finals | Performative Experiments by our first-year students
Day 3: Finals | Performative Experiments by our first-year students

Time & Location

06 Jul 2022, 18:00 – 20:15

ArtEZ, Zaal 2 , Onderlangs 9, 6812 CE Arnhem, Netherlands

About the Event

STILLING by Tania González

18:00 | Zaal 2

…a contact zone…a call to slow down…a constant oscillation between the interior and the exterior…a raw exploration of what comes through…a togetherness that happens not here nor there but in the midst of…

STILLING is a practice-led performance about the intangible, but also a political questioning of what it means to produce and the pace in which things should happen. It tackles the potential of the still to transgress, to crossover. Standing, walking, crawling, sitting, lying down—I feel the stillness moving, I feel the movement stilling. By exploring ways of building up energy and stripping back excess, I seek to get in touch with the more-than-one that is my body. Live sound and the lighting of the space nourish a vibrant encounter in which affect unfolds. Insistingly diving into what cannot be perceived by the external eye, this choreographic work is an attempt to open up a moveable suspension encompassing the preceding, the actual, and the not-yet.

Concept, performance: Tania González

Sound design: Mar Esteban Martin

Light: Doron Gallia-Kind


Exotic Neurotic by Fay

18:45 | Studio 6

Through a nonstop speech production, the performance intends to question the process of becoming an identity within the socio-political context. By focusing on the procedure of acquiring citizenship in the western world and gaining legitimate status of being, the audience witnesses in the end how by becoming civilised, tame and knowledgable, the previous self is demolished.


Cows Clouds Chaos by Ryan O’Shea

19:30 | Meeting point at Rietveld Cantine

Join us for an open day like no other. Audiences are invited to wonder from the hallways of ArtEZ’s Reitvield building to the rehearsal spaces of the ArtEZ Theatrium, pondering musings from a detached voice somewhere in the ether. Part walking tour, part performed rehearsal, Cows Clouds Chaos draws a link between clouds and thoughts; between those rolling bodies of mist and the fog that often irks our brains. It’s a celebration to the chaotic, ambivalent, brilliance of life.

‘Behind every cloud is another cloud’ – Judy Garland

*This performance requires walking.

** You need to book a spot only for this performance  by sending an email to ! There will be two timeslots at 19:30 and 20:15. Please indicate for which one you are interested in.

Performed by: Mar, Antti Uimonen, Andrea van der Kuil, Analu Fretta Barros, E. Christodoulou, Inês Fertosinhos, Gab Branco, Ryan O’Shea

Photo credits: Mar Esteban Martin

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