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Day 4: Finals | Performative Experiments by our first-year students

Welcome to the final performances/performative experiments of our first-year students! Day 4: performances by Mar Esteban Martin, Gab Branco and Vicky Maier

Day 4: Finals | Performative Experiments by our first-year students
Day 4: Finals | Performative Experiments by our first-year students

Time & Location

07 Jul 2022, 18:00 – 20:30

ArtEZ, Studio 4 & 20, Onderlangs 9, 6812 CE Arnhem, Netherlands

About the Event

INTERFERENCE by Mar Esteban Martin

18:00 | Zaal 2

INTERFERENCE is a journey that comes from a claim for multiplicity and interdependence and the need to surrender to the senses, trust, unlearn, disorient, play, interfere and exceed human-centered logics. To dissolve and re-imagine.

INTERFERENCE is an immersive performance-installation that combines music, text-media and live lights. It explores the psychophysical effects of sound and its potential to exceed the limits of reason mixing field recordings and factitious landscapes. By the use of repetitive and generative music patterns performed by the voice and electronic sounds, INTERFERENCE seeks the emergence of a space that exist in between realms and the expansion of conventional temporalities.

The performance is inspired by the club culture scene that goes beyond entertainment proposing spaces for expression, experimentation and liberating imaginaries.

INTERFERENCE is the result of ongoing research on politics of space, hospitality, immersive and sonic environments and the poetics of the voice.

IN.TER’FERENCE is a  pause  before the inference.

Performance and music: Mar Esteban Martin

Light design and dramaturgical assistance: Ryan O’shea

Space design: Alejandro Jiménez, Marta Martí

Collaborators: Gab Branco, Geraldine Diem, Hanble Iqbal Naeem, Marta Martí, Marta Garreta, Alvar Rosell.

Special thanks to my first-year peers for being constant inspiration and support.

The Anti-(dote)-Weapon Body by Gab Branco

18:45 | Studio 4

The Anti-(dote)-weapon Body strives against the TRIAD: Colonialism, Capitalism and White Supremacy. It is about realising the behavioural pattern from the TRIAD and question: how can I dis-embody such behavioural pattern? How can I unlearn?

The artist has been through this questioning and unlearning processes since she moved from Brazil to Europe in 2019. That led her to dive in an autoethnographic practice-based artistic research unfolding through embodiment, vocalisations, writing and activist actions. The performance is a lived manifesto and invites the audience to witness and experience the performer’s engagement with the Anti-(dote)-weapon Body in an immersive environment from self-reflection to society-reflection.

“It is about acknowledging History - not only the Eurocentric, but the Native’s one with my ancestry and personal history.

It is an attempt to call for t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r-n-e-s-s.

It is about re-(dis)-covering my unmatrixed voice, motion, way of being, and behaving.

It is my body in its wholeness without excluding no experience and unveiling on which aspect the TRIAD has rooted each one of those precise traumatic experiences.”

Direction, Concept, Performance and Voice: Gab Branco

Sound Direction & Editing: Mar Esteban Martin

Dramaturgy: Cora Laszlo & Gab Branco

Vocal advisor: Emily Welther

Light and Sound Technician: E. Christodoulou

Provocateurs: Andrea Pagnes, Fenia Kotsopoulou, Kayla Bowtell, Vanessa Macaulay, and cohort 21-23 MA Performance Practices/ArtEZ.

Photo Credits: Stelios Troullakis

*A big thank you for Ítalo Garcia, Júlia Iwanaga, Jussara Miller, and Mariella Greil - for their great support in co-mentoring me in each aspect of my artistic research throughout this long process.

Can I ask you a question? by Vicky Maier

19:30 | Studio 20

… because of the childhood dream to cuddle with a toy bigger than oneself … because of being comforted … because of monsters under the bed

Can I ask you a question? Do you have a monster under your bed?

The performance gathers around a teddy bear and invites the audience to dive into stories of memories. It is an offer to get in touch with and welcome one's own fears, a search for moments of openness and intimacy through elements of storytelling and the facilitation of a safe space. The research for this performance has evolved from asking questions to different people, looking at the interplay of setting and content and the possibility of creating intimacy.

Would you like to play with the monsters under your bed?

Performance and scenography: Vicky Maier

Technician: Steef Kersbergen

Special thanks to Steef Kersbergen for all the support

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