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Final Performances Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of our Finals! Performances of our Graduating Students: Foivi Psevdou and Ella Tighe

Final Performances Day 2
Final Performances Day 2

Time & Location

18 May 2021, 17:00

Arnhem, Onderlangs 9, 6812 CE Arnhem, Netherlands

About the Event

"TEMPORAL APPARATUSES" by Foivi Psevdou || Theatre 2 || 17:00

I check the time all the time

wristwatch, smartphone, bottom right corner of my laptop screen, clock on the wall, in the train station, at the bus

stop, on the church tower

I check the time all the time and

I am constantly late

-Maybe if I didn’t use a clock I might be on time

-On whose time?

-It’s very clear, I think. I am referring to an agreed upon

time that is used to coordinate activities, global time, UTC

-I never really agreed

upon this time. I do not remember being asked

A philosophical exploration of what time is not and what time might be A sociopolitical entanglement with the economies of how humans perceive and practice time in the 21st century A quest to define temporality A public intervention A dialogue with clocks A series of performative experiments that practice divergent temporalities

A multimedia installation that questions established uses of time

Research Supervisor : Dr Mariella Greil

External Mentors : Marilyn Arsem


"THE HOSPITALITY OF SURRENDER - FORMLESS" by Ella Tighe || Theatre 2 || 18:00

FORMLESS is a cyclical, looping movement and sound pattern crafted anew daily. It addresses surrender as a staying with, a choice and a commitment. Based upon a daily practice worked with from Nov – May 21, the process takes returning to movement and the movement landmarks which have appeared over time as a condition to surrender into. It seeks a soft yet assertive bodily presence that advocates for an ownership within the process. The movement works with an emergent soundscape created live and held within a fixed form. Performers share a mutual reciprocity, investigating a nuanced approach to agency as the movement and sound meet. 

Performers : Ella Tighe, Nikkie Kemp

Research Supervisor : Dr Mariella Greil

External Mentors : Lucy Suggate, Sri Louise

If you are planning to attend any of the performances, please send an email to or enter your details to RSVP registration form!

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