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Final Performances Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of our Finals! Performances of our Graduating Students: Antrianna Moutoula, Eryfili Drakopoulou and Anushka Nair

Final Performances Day 3
Final Performances Day 3

Time & Location

19 May 2021, 17:00

Arnhem, Onderlangs 9, 6812 CE Arnhem, Netherlands

About the Event


a table with a laptop on it and a projector which projects the screen of the laptop, a chair with a woman on it, who is talking and writing at the same time, tracing her thoughts through language, a stream of consciousness which is nonstop, circumstantial, and is not being more edited than it already is and the necessary other which is you who is reading and listening at the same time, the necessary other which makes her narratable for the 45 minutes of attempting to auto-theoretically acknowledge the present which is continuous, a continuous excess of written words and spoken words no backspace pressed while typing the words performance lecture and lecture performance indicate the same thing in any order they appear. 

Research Supervisor : Dr João da Silva

External Mentors : Emma Cocker, Jeanine Durning


"CUTIS ARCHIVA" by Eryfili Drakopoulou || Theatre 2 || 18:00

I have seen everything, and I have lived for centuries. I carry in my skin the lives of all those before me. Cutis Archiva is an installation of the living skin that has been shaped by the heritage of its ancestors. The research deals with issues of identity, its foundations, and its transformability, by looking at the skin as an archive alongside with the transgenerational transmission. 

The installation explores the archives on the living skin, in between the interior and exterior. This in between, the cutis, carries the records of all that came before it, and is visualized through domestic photos of the ancestors. The cutis has been accessed and associations have been identified through repetitions and effect-causes. The photos are testimonies of what has been and ultimately what has not, but also what could have been. By entering the cutis, the audience is invited to engage with the skins by looking and touching.

The table of archivization welcomes the audience to share their skin and identify themselves and their ancestral archive. The aim is to build the foundations for a shared cutis that begins with the references of these ancestors but can reach across other skins and other histories.

Research Supervisor : Fenia Kotsopoulou

External Mentors : Dr Tara Fatehi Irani, Aimilia Balaska


"ROO(U)TING" by Anushka Nair || Studio 6 || 19:00

Brief: Roo(u)ting is a multisensorial durational performance with humans and more-than-humans that explores the roots that I come from and the routes that I seek. Rooted but flowing. Becoming. These figurations are explored through an embodied materiality with organic and inorganic everyday objects that I share intimate relations with.

Beetroots, a root vegetable intrinsic to the cuisine of my father’s place of origin (Kerala); most often the ‘other’ among vegetables; and its inky passions have a strong call. Everyday inorganic objects have a vital presence in my daily life with which I share intimate co-dependant relations with. The work is interested in per/forming wet relations among human and more-than-human bodies. Bodies that are interchangeable, porous and fluid. The work hopes to explore these modes of exchange and transformation, to liquefy boundaries between self and other, human and more-than-human, material and semiotic.

I am interested in making visible the agential capacities of objects and Becoming with Beetroots, to expand the notion of a fixed subjectivity. The work is participatory in nature as it urges the audience to engage with materiality, its affective capacity and changing subject positions, as roots and routes evolve, in a contingent spatio-temporal environment. 

Research Supervisor : Dr Nishant Shah

External Mentor : Charlotte Grum

If you are planning to attend any of the performances, please send an email to or enter your details to RSVP registration form!

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