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Welcome to the final performances of our graduating students! DAY 1 performances by Clio van Aerde and Karolina Rupp.


Time & Location

13 May 2024, 17:30 – 19:30

ArtEZ, University of the Arts, Onderlangs 9, 6812 CE Arnhem, Netherlands

About the Event

Work it by Clio van Aerde | 17:30 | Zaal 3

The performance ‘Work It’ - poetics of bodies at work is a choreographic exploration of manual labour, centered around the broom both as the tool and the symbol for invisible(- ised) labour. By focusing on the broom, this work challenges conventional notions of ‘skilled’ labour by investigating how humans, things and their surrounding

mutually influence and shape each other. ‘Work It’ - poetics of bodies at work subverts systemic power structures and everyday performativity through a stroke of the broom, by fostering a sense of care and attention, through absurdity and abstraction.


Astarti Athanasiadou

External Mentor:

Lucie Strecker


Performance: Clio Van Aerde

Sound design: Feli Navarro

Technical assistance: Lisa Hofmann (lights)

Photo Credits:

Karolina Rupp

Special thanks to:

Claire Wagener, Piera Jovic, Nina Schaeffer; Vicky Stoll

Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg, Trois C-L maison de la danse, Bâtiment 4, 4bidGallery


Seven Fenders and One Rope by Karolina Rupp | Studio 4

Seven Fenders and One Rope is an absurdist performance work in which an attempt is made to carry multiple fenders connected by rope through a space. Housed in a dance studio, the work seeks to re-contextualise the initial function of the fender and the site. Elements usually associated with fenders, such as boats or jetties, may be present in the space during the performance, however in somewhat altered form. Thus, Seven Fenders and One Rope, embodying simultaneously performance and installation, allows for new vocabularies to emerge. By proposing an intra-active yet coexisting body-object orientation and relation, Seven Fenders and One Rope problematises and plays upon the absurdity of human and more-than-human interaction in relation to anthropocentrism, agency and utility.

Thank you to my supervisor Lucie Strecker and my external mentor selina bonelli.

Photo Credits:

Steef Kersbergen


Walking Lovink by Eleftheria Sokratous | Week-Long, May 13-16 | PART 1: ROZET, PART 2: CATWALK

When love is present the desire to dominate and exercise power cannot rule the day.” bell hooks

This performance is an invitation for a multi-layered conversation about “How can the act of walking become a means for imagining and mapping non-binary, more -than-human love narratives?”

The question unfolds within two different interconnected acts that happen parallel in two different spaces and can be experienced individually.

Part 1

The first part is a one-with-one walk with the artist out of which alternative love narratives will emerge and get archived (upon consent). Book your individual walking slot from the QR scan code below.

*Language of the walking score: English/Dutch

**Accessible to anyBODY of any age over 7years old (with guardian’s consent)

***You could bring an assistant/guardian if needed

Part 2

The second part is a participatory installation where the love narratives that were generated in the walks will be collectively displayed and will be used as a basis to overwrite and remix the so-called “power of love” songs.

Supervisor: Astarti Athanasiadou

External mentor: Jane Samuels

Technical Mentor: Sakari Laurila


Concept: Eleftheria Sokratous

Performers: Eleftheria Sokratous, the city centre of Limassol, the city centre of Arnhem as well as all the other walking companions, conversing partners and love- (re)writers involved.

Photo Credits: Steef Kersbergen

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