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Welcome to the final performances of our graduating students. Day 2: performance by Feli Navarro and Eleftheria Sokratous


Time & Location

14 May 2024, 17:30 – 18:30

ArtEZ, University of the Arts, Onderlangs 9, 6812 CE Arnhem, Netherlands

About the Event

Hyperstone by Feli Navarro | 17:30 Zaal 1

A field of sediment from former coastal landscapes. Always more-than-one.

Looking for the interface, for a material region that could burst into lithic encounters with emerging low-tech intelligences, creating hybrid formations of multiple body-worlds.

Beyond the stability, stubbornness, and rigidity imposed by universal models of capital that force lifeforms to accommodate into 24/7 bidding machines.

The inherent preacceleration of stones invites to an ever-unfolding state of things, towards a movement of the not-yet, creating a complex configuration of relational nodes that displace the human from the center of everything.

Amidst that necessary disorganization of the anthropos, how is it possible to navigate through this disorientation? Are there lithic desires that need to be listened to? And, if so, how can human and non-human bodies be affected by them?

Supervisor: Mariella Greil

External Mentor: Norberto Llopis Segarra


concept, dramaturgy & sound: Feli Navarro

choreography & performance: Gab Branco, Clàudia Ferrando, Feli Navarro, Qiyun Zheng

design: Rita Palha Lopes

original text: Gab Branco, Clàudia Ferrando, Feli Navarro, Rita Palha Lopes, Qiyun Zheng

scientific advisors: Irene Delgado (University of Cádiz), Francisco Javier Gracia (University of Cádiz)

eco-mythology advisor: Karmit Even-Zur

special mention / thanks: Clàudia Ferrando, Karolina Rupp, Aïda Guirro (Danscollectief Arnhemse Meisjes), Centro Artes Escénicas Arbolí (Cádiz, ES), Centre de Danse du Marais (Paris, FR)

Photo Credits: Steef Kersbergen


Walking Lovink by Eleftheria Sokratous | Week-Long, May 13-16 | PART 1: ROZET, PART 2: CATWALK

When love is present the desire to dominate and exercise power cannot rule the day.” bell hooks

This performance is an invitation for a multi-layered conversation about “How can the act of walking become a means for imagining and mapping non-binary, more -than-human love narratives?”

The question unfolds within two different interconnected acts that happen parallel in two different spaces and can be experienced individually.

Part 1

The first part is a one-with-one walk with the artist out of which alternative love narratives will emerge and get archived (upon consent). Book your individual walking slot from the QR scan code below.

*Language of the walking score: English/Dutch

**Accessible to anyBODY of any age over 7years old (with guardian’s consent)

***You could bring an assistant/guardian if needed

Part 2

The second part is a participatory installation where the love narratives that were generated in the walks will be collectively displayed and will be used as a basis to overwrite and remix the so-called “power of love” songs.

Supervisor: Astarti Athanasiadou

External mentor: Jane Samuels

Technical Mentor: Sakari Laurila


Concept: Eleftheria Sokratous

Performers: Eleftheria Sokratous, the city centre of Limassol, the city centre of Arnhem as well as all the other walking companions, conversing partners and love- (re)writers involved.

Photo Credits: Steef Kersbergen

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