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Welcome to the final performances of our graduating students! DAY 4: performances by Clàudia Ferrando, Lisa Hofmann, Rickard Borgstrom and Eleftheria Sokratous


Time & Location

16 May 2024, 17:30 – 20:30

ArtEZ, University of the Arts, Onderlangs 9, 6812 CE Arnhem, Netherlands

About the Event

Atmosheres- A sympony of movement qualities by Clàudia Ferrando | 17:30, ZAAL 3

This performance is an invitation to listen and let sounds move through you.

Make yourself comfortable. You are invited to find a place to sit, lie down or stand in the performance space. During the performance you can change your position to be at ease. The space will be quite dark to avoid visual distractions from the listening, you are welcomed as well to close your eyes throughout to focus on the internal sensations the sounds you will be hearing might ignite in you.

A journey into sonic worlds:

Underneath the water surface

an ocean of ripples and echoes

Diving into thick dark matter


A mass that stretches

until it rips

Dispersing into many crumbles

agitated, chaotic

Suspended in time and space

a web in a big sea


Composition, Production: Clàudia Ferrando

Technical Assistance: Felipe Navarro (sound), Clio Van Aerde (light)

External Mentor: Emily Welther

Supervisor: Jochem Naafs

Contrabass: Hannah Scharrer

Vocals: Hannah Scharrer, Clàudia Ferrando


And when I return, will I take the same seat again?  by Lisa Hofmann | 18:30, Studio 4

I am afraid to remember. I am afraid to remember, faces fading away, thoughts, to remember, holding on to past memory. I am afraid to remember, the shadows under the tree. The future without me. The songs full of melancholy, a feeling of holding on to past memory. I am afraid to remember, me, holding on to past memory. I am trying to remember, the sound of the sky, where thoughts were passing by. Trying to grasp, a moment in time, under a dark blue sky, the color of your eyes in a future that is not this kind of type. Instead, home in my thoughts not meant to be told. Try to remember, with the feeling in mind, left, but not left behind. Asking, from time to time: Will you remember?

Dedicated to my lost memories.


Irina Baldini

External Mentor

Silvia Giordano


Idea & direction by Lisa Hofmann

in co-creation with the performers Eleni Vasilonikolou, Joana Cunha Pinto & Niki Christoforidou

Supervised by Irina Baldini

External mentoring by Silvia Giordano

Support by Luzi Madrid Villanueva

Costume design with Zoe Antypa

Music from Henryk Górecki

And a special thanks to everybody & everything for contributing and supporting!

Photo Credits:

Steef Kersbergen


Evoking Relational Memories of Pine, Spruce,  Birch, Juniper,  Moss, Lichen, Stone by Rickard Borgstrom | 19:30, Zaal 1

The performance research is unfolding a choreographic lamenting practice. Departing from Karelian ritual wailing techniques, the research focuses on attunement towards plant-life, in the biotope of Ekeby nature reserve southwest of Stockholm.

Through sensuous approaches, the practice searches for horizontal relational modes of being with the more-than-human world. It’s an inquiry into the contradictory human embeddedness in reciprocal biological- and ecological processes, while acknowledging how our bodies are enmeshed in extractive environmental logics.    The proposition of strategic anthropomorphism functions as a frame for the bodily experimentations of the practice, and in the evocation that you will witness. It is by recognizing the more-than-human beings’ capabilities, whilst anthropomorphizing the flow of their agency, that allow us to tackle the complex bodily entanglements, and disrupt perceived categorical distinctions. Here, the sensorial resonance of lamenting, through movement and sounding, offers a method for somatic imaginative navigations of more-than-human Intercorporeal ecologies, fostering renewed kinships.


Dr Mariella Greil- Möbius

External Mentors:

Dr Sandra Reeve

Choreographer Rósa Ómarsdóttir

Fellow researchers:

Dancer and Choreographer Rebecca Chentinell

Dancer and Choreographer Mikko Hyvönen

Discussions partners:

Professor Emeritus Knut Ove Arntzen

Professor Emerita Venke Aure

Leontine Broekhuizen & Rijk Willemse

Sculptor Niels Van Bunningen

Biologist and Professor Annie Desrochers

Landscape Ecologist Douwe H Joustra

Voice and Performance Artist Ralf Peters

Biologist Karl-Joel Sundholm

Itkijä and Lamenter Tuulia Talventytär

Artistic Director Ingrid Vranken

Artist and Associate Professor Zheng Bo


CALQ - Gouvernement du Québec

DansPlats Skog

Gula villan

L’Écart- Centre d’artistes autogéré en art actuel

Light Hub


Walking Lovink by Eleftheria Sokratous | Week-Long, May 13-16 | PART 1: ROZET, PART 2: CATWALK

When love is present the desire to dominate and exercise power cannot rule the day.” bell hooks

This performance is an invitation for a multi-layered conversation about “How can the act of walking become a means for imagining and mapping non-binary, more -than-human love narratives?”

The question unfolds within two different interconnected acts that happen parallel in two different spaces and can be experienced individually.

Part 1

The first part is a one-with-one walk with the artist out of which alternative love narratives will emerge and get archived (upon consent). Book your individual walking slot from the QR scan code below.

*Language of the walking score: English/Dutch

**Accessible to anyBODY of any age over 7years old (with guardian’s consent)

***You could bring an assistant/guardian if needed

Part 2

The second part is a participatory installation where the love narratives that were generated in the walks will be collectively displayed and will be used as a basis to overwrite and remix the so-called “power of love” songs.

Supervisor: Astarti Athanasiadou 

External mentor: Jane Samuels

Technical Mentor: Sakari Laurila 


Concept: Eleftheria Sokratous

Performers: Eleftheria Sokratous, the city centre of Limassol, the city centre of Arnhem as well as all the other walking companions, conversing partners and love- (re)writers involved.

Photo Credits: Steef Kersbergen

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