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THE DANCER, SPLIT by Kadri Sirel

Welcome to the Final Performances of our First Year students! "The Dancer, Spit", a performance by Kadri Sirel

THE DANCER, SPLIT by Kadri Sirel
THE DANCER, SPLIT by Kadri Sirel

Time & Location

30 Jun 2021, 18:00

ArtEZ, Studio 4, Onderlangs 9, 6812 CE Arnhem, Netherlands

About the Event

are dancing like

my head,


how meaning your to collapse

I’m my dancing bigger


where dancer’s not trapped,


The dancer empathizes with her dance and vice versa because they recognize each other’s vulnerability in a world that prioritizes the knowledge of the gaze. The dancer knows that vision touches merely the surface of what her dance is about. That leads the dancer into finding an identity to her dance, coinciding with her identity as a woman, taking them outside the narrative of seeing as a dominant way of accessing their value.

THE DANCER, SPLIT constructs a world beneath the dance’s optical surface. It invites the audience inside the dancer’s body, where her imagination, listening, and layered perception will be unraveled through text, sound, and movement. The performance asks how the knowledge within her body subverts the narrative of sight and encourages new narratives of listening and imagination instead.

Two more performances of our First Year students are being presented the same day,

"Crafting Bodies" by Andrea Van Der Kuil and "BURNETY 2000 : Who am I If I not exploited?" by Gustavo Tome. 

Check out for more information and reserve your spot!

If you are planning to attend any of the performances, please enter your details to RSVP registration form.

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