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BOOK LAUNCH | Accountable Temporary Expedients by our alumnus Irina Baldini

We are thrilled to share with you the launch of the book Accountable Temporary Expedients by our alumnus Irina Baldini which was written from and informed by her 2-year artistic research masters at Home of Performance Practices!

Book Launch Event

15 May 2022

19:00 at 4bid Gallery

Amsterdam, NL

Accountable Temporary Expedients (ATE) is a fluid, experiential methodology for choreographic improvisation and composition. It is focused on integration of states of doubt and confusion resulting in an emerging embodied cognition and decision-making.

Accountable Temporary Expedients is a practice that challenges the ability of dancers to attend to multiple stimuli at once and instigate situations which embrace confusion, doubt and uncertainty. This work stands in response to the notion that dance urges to emancipate. Baldini’s current critique sees dance as being "stuck, gooey, a victim of its own habit and, so in love with itself, it does not recognise its limitations. It is self-seduced, self-sufficient, and self-indulgent. Dance is not afraid of change, yet it is lost and oblivious, unconscious and mono-directional”. ATE intends to provoke dance to wake up, get down to where the guts are and listen. Not to what it already knows and gain pleasure from the satisfaction of being good, but to listen carefully until it hears something to reveal. Or, in Baldini's words, "it will be nothing, and it will go nowhere". This publication includes an offering of reflections and research tangential to the practice.

You can find it at :

Irina Baldini

Mission Statement

A mover inspired by change, by circumstances, by a fight against coherency. I should not know what I am doing, and feel most nourished by not finding out, by fighting against the natural will to understand. Not keen on defining, but discovering. Discovery is undefined. I move by feeling, yet require a reason which may be given by a physical need or an intellectual problem that seeks solving. Movement provides an intangible solution to both kinds of problems. Body responds to questions. I like solutions, not answers. Solutions are open. I am interested in opening, beginning, finding solutions to un-asked questions, de-defining problems, making more options rather than narrowing anything down to fewer possibilities. I don’t have a goal, I have a mission and it is not for my life but for the waters and the winds never to stop. It is for life.




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