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Papillae Festival is Coming! A festival of artistic research curated by our 2nd year students!

Hello dear taste explorer!

We are thrilled to welcome you to our world of artistic research!

In the context of their studies in the Master Performance Practices, our 2nd year students were asked to curate and deliver a Festival. Over the past three months, they brought their minds and tastes together to co-create this three-day performance festival of Artistic Research.

The cohort consists of 10 unique artists from various disciplines, each one investigating their own specific artistic research. They wanted to create a festival that brings people together and has a sense of play and experimentation; with the potential to re-lens their researches by exposing them to audiences

Papillae is a 3-day performance festival of Artistic Research, presented by the 2nd year master students from Home of Performance Practice (HoPP). Orbiting around core themes of taste and matter, papillae will be a chance for HoPP students to showcase, interrogate and experiment with their artistic researches. On the menu is a smorgasbord of performances, artists talks, presentations, workshops and of course, food, drinks and other interventions to quench the intellectual taste buds. We’ve curated a programme that will give a taste of our artistic research, the only ingredient missing now is you – the audience! Papillae festival fizzing with flavours: JANUARY 18th - 20st 2023 @ArtEZ Theatrium See you, and your inquisitive taste buds there!

Stay updated!

More info (programme, ingredients, news) to be found here


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