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Performances by HOME students at Uitnacht Festival 2024!

January 26th the HOME OF PERFORMANCE PRACTICES will partake in Uitnacht Arnhem.

This will be a collaboration by HOME OF PERFORMANCE PRACTICES with Arthouse Arnhem and Café Nelson.

Performance: Ryan O'Shea | Image: Fenia Kotsopoulou for Home of Performance Practices

Like the mouth, the heart is an open wound others can look directly into

by Joana Vieira de Sousa da Cunha

I saw you looking at me when you were little. You weren’t scared then. You saw me. You looked me directly in the eye, although I don’t have them. But you knew where to look.

Like the mouth, the heart is an open wound others can look directly into.

Acknowledge me. Don’t speak unless you’re spoken to. Don’t touch unless you’re asked to. Don’t tell me what you think. I care about you a lot. I will give you what I have. But you will take no more than you’re given. I can give you what you want, but I don’t owe you anything.

You didn’t birth me; I was born with you.

In working with a persona, the audience might assume the performer is that persona, that it constitutes their identity as a human being. But the persona is not the person – it is a construct designed by the performer, highly dependent on context, allowing them to work with and through specific frames and discourses.

In becoming a persona, I become something/one beyond myself. Becoming the persona as a means to approach the world, my world, through a new lens. Focusing on social interactions, my social anxiety, and my crave for instant intimacy, I believe this persona allows me to engage with a world in a less judgemental, less stressful manner.

Absolute 0

by  zoe antypa

Absolute 0 using dispute as main tool, examines and challenges notions of productivity, purpose and utilization of the body. In the process of surrendering and unbecoming, the catatonic body (Deleuze) falls into a space of failure and reconsideration of the “functional order” through actions of reclaiming.

Artist’s eye

by Eleni Vasilonikolou

The manifesto of an Artist’s eye

The Artist's Eye is not merely a physical organ.

The Artist's Eye recognizes the kaleidoscope of human existence.

The Artist's Eye is not swayed by conventional notions of perfection.

The Artist's Eye is a powerful voice for the voiceless.

The Artist's Eye knows no boundaries.

The Artist's Eye awakens the dormant senses within us.

The Artist's Eye understands that art is a journey, not a destination.

The Artist's Eye is the conductor.

My eyes everything.

(Choose the correct word: love, hate, denude, fuck, dress, undress)

Firstly, what they see.

Secondly, what they don’t.

This performance is an attempt to at-t(r)ack your gaze.

And you know, at the end of the day, I do see you.

Inverted Aboporu

by Thaís dos Santos Silva


Feeding on the transgressed body.

Matter of which we are all made

Towards the ultimate transgression.

Which comes through steel, tungsten, white phosphorus.

Knife, wood, machete,

saltpeter, sulfur, coal.

Among colonizing processes

Body exposed from the inside

Naked ambiguity,

Apart from the imposing gaze

the entrails, beyond the visible.


*I promise it’ll be fun

by Diamanto Hadjizacharia




Performer, 26 years old


First dates are awkward so let’s play a game (lol)🙈This game will help us get to know each other and feel more comfortable 🤞🏼 as long as we’re honest tho 🦄 It’ll be fun!

I promise 😈


Xoxo 🔥








No Title

by Clio van Aerde, Felipe Navarro Valero and Karolina Rupp

Clio van Aerde, Felipe Navarro Valero and Karolina Rupp give insight into their respective practices, and by performing alongside each other open up a space for interrelations to occur.


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