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Stories from our graduates | Anushka Nair: Where is 'we'?

Where is ‘we’?

is a reflective and prospective audio-visual essay that critiques the current state of society and offers a lens, through the metaphor of rice, to imagine a future co-vernment ecology built on collectivity, care and agency.

The essay is a combination of text and audio and documentation from my durational performance ‘Naming the Unnamed’ where I along with participants wrote the names of Indian migrant workers on each grain of rice. This work touched on issues of starvation, migration and ignorance by making a public intervention through performance to create spaces of care, intimacy and attention and offer models of future justice.


About Anushka Nair

Anushka Nair is a performance artist and actor from India. She is a graduate of Masters in Home of Performance Practices from ArtEZ University of Arts, The Netherlands. Within the context of her studies, her research and work revolved around the relation between humans and more-than-humans, and the emergence of multiple subjectivities in her performative encounters. The hospitable entanglements and intimacy of human and more-than-human entities and their interconnected agency, ontology and Becoming were her focal points. Through a post humanist approach, she intended to question the notions of separate and fixed subject-object identities.


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