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STRATA a performance-based film by our lecturers VestandPage

We are truly looking forward to sharing with you the latest performance-based film, "STRATA", a collective labour-of-love by our very own lectures Verena Stenke and Andrea Pagnes ( VestandPage) . We hope to see you on one of the following occasions in the Netherlands.

🪨 February 2, DEN HAAG: “STRATA” World Premiere Screening and Meet the Artists, 21:00 - 22:30 at Altered States Festival, Theater De Regentes. This will be a major gathering of STRATA artists, and we conjure to make this a memorable evening. > > > Tickets.

🪨 February 16, AMSTERDAM: “STRATA” Cinema Screening and Meet the Artists at Ventilator Cinema // OT301. Doors open at 19:00, and the film starts at 19:30. Tickets 7€.

🪨 February 14-18, AMSTERDAM: “STRAT/osphere" A tapestry of audio art, still imagery and paraphernalia generated as part of the collaborative making of the film “STRATA” at 4bid Gallery with works by Douglas Quin and Fenia Kotsopoulou in collaboration with Marcel Sparmann, daz disley and VestAndPage.

>>> STRATA is a captivating project that blends film and performance art to explore the fascinating history of caves as sites of knowledge-making and art creation. Through international collaborations and interdisciplinary processes, artists and researchers investigate the connection between the human body and the geological depth of subsurface environments. The project focuses on the prehistoric caves of the Swabian Jura, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where Ice Age humans sought shelter and created the oldest known examples of human figurative sculptures. This fifth performance-based film project by VestAndPage delves into Deep Time and layers of memory in human history and the geological, while reflecting on contemporary societies and ecological environments. The participating renowned artists embody diversity and raise awareness of our geological, political, and social past and future.


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