The programme is specifically tailored and designed for performance practitioners, or professionals with extensive experience and sufficient knowledge of performance practice, theatre, choreography, live art, somatic or body practices, or who hold an equivalent degree with sufficient professional experience in the field. The program attracts candidates with interests in challenging their practice and therefore offers a vocational, rigorous, intensive residential teaching which facilitates the demands for learning and development for people working in the field. As a result, the programme caters for those already working as independent and responsible artist researchers and wishing to advance further and more rigorously their career through research.

The programme is a highly vocationally driven course that equips students with skills for further development of their artistic practices. The development of master's level skills of critical evaluation, synthesis of new ideas, management of people and resources in challenging and technologically complex situations, curation and dissemination of artistic practices, distance working and project working will provide a solid support for the enhancement of future careers.

 In case you have any questions, don´t hesitate to write us an email!  



The HOME OF PERFORMANCE PRACTICES welcomes applications from theatre, dance and performance practitioners seeking to deepen artistic practice through research in an environment of creativity, debate and discourse that embraces new public spheres.

The process of being admitted to the Master Performance Practices happens in five stages:


Your very first action is to register at the Studielink (the Dutch National Database for Admissions at Higher Education).

You can register with a DigiD if you already live in the Netherlands, and if you live outside of the Netherlands then register 'without a DigiD'. When prompting to select programme choose the "MASTER THEATRE PRACTICES" at ArtEZ University of the Art (CROHO 49125).


Upload on your Studielink account the following documents:

1. A Motivation Letter which shows the importance of developing your practice further, your rationale for pursuing a Masters at the MTP, your engagement with the notion of the explicit Body in Performance, your ability to sustain your practice and simultaneously conduct largely independent study.


2. A clearly formulated Artistic Research Proposal (max 1200 words), outlining:

your research question,

aims, objectives,

methods, and

its relation to the notion of the Body in Performance.


3. Two Letters of Recommendation from professionals in the field. Please indicate contact details: name, role, professional address, email and phone number and make sure you upload scans of original signed letters.


4. Curriculum Vitae with previous education and working practices.


5. Links to videos of your work, website or weblogs, and photographs of your work (up to six links, but at least one).


6. A copy of your BA-diploma together with the transcript of grades*. If these documents are not issued in Dutch, English or German, you need to include a certified translation of both the diploma and the transcript of grades. (please upload all documents in one PDF). In case you are about to graduate and have not yet received your BA, please upload a document issued by your university stating the date of graduation, and your grades up to now*. This document needs to be submitted before you can enter an audition.


7. A copy of your passport or EU-ID**. (Please make sure the date of validity has not expired). This document needs to be submitted before you can enter an audition.


8. A copy of a proof of your English proficiency***. This document can be submitted after the audition, but no later than the 1st of June for non-EER applicants, and 1st of July for all others.

Please note that documents 1-5 are handled by the HOME OF PERFORMANCE PRACTICES learner's coordinator and documents 6-8 by the Student Affairs at the University central services.



Once we have received your complete application, the Admissions Board (consisting of the HOME Faculty and the Head of the Programme) will convene to assess your research proposal, professional practice, academic ability, experience, motivation and suitability for training. Following this meeting, the Admissions Board will shortlist applicants and invite them for the audition. The outcome of this shortlisting will be announced within two weeks after the deadline for applications.



We offer two options

A. Live (preferred option): You will be invited for a 2-3 days working process and interview in Arnhem.

B. Online (for applicants who live far away): You will be asked to engage in an online cooperative working process with other applicants over the course of 4 days and you will have an individual interview via skype.


The Admissions Board will be monitoring and assessing each applicant during this stage. Within two weeks after the last day of the audition, each applicant will be informed about the outcome, being either one of the following: accepted, accepted on conditions (e.g. graduating for BA, providing proof of English proficiency), on waiting list, rejected.



After both the artistic and administrative applications have been successfully completed, the final step of enrolment can take place. Unless you need a visa for studying in the Netherlands. In this case the process of the visa application will have to be completed first**. This last stage will be administered entirely by the ArtEZ department of Student Affairs.



*All diplomas will be carefully checked for their validity in the Dutch education system. Diplomas that are not issued under the European Credit system will be sent to Nuffic to be validated.

**Candidates which do not have a European nationality will have to have a visa for studying in the Netherlands before they can be enrolled. ArtEZ will conduct the visa application, but only if all steps of the admission process have been completed apart from enrolment. The deadline for submission of all necessary documents, including a proof of English proficiency and payment of the financial guarantee, is the 31st of May.

***Either one of these certificates is mandatory:

  • IELTS academic level 6.0 (In exceptional cases we could consider 5.5)

  • TOEFL paper 550

  • TOEFL Internet 80

  • TOEIC 670/290

  • Cambridge First (FCE) - Grade B (scale 173 - 175) / Cambridge First (FCE) - Grade C (scale 169 - 172)

For exemptions please check the language requirements

 In case you have any questions, don´t hesitate to write us an email!  



I am interested in Research in Choreography/ Live Art/ Performance / Digital Performances, can I still study in the Master Performance Practices? or do I have to choose a specialisation?

Yes, absolutely. The Master Performance Practices is a de-disciplined advanced Master's degree that caters to performance practitioners, or professionals with interests in performance, theatre, choreography, live art, performance art, somatic or body practices, or who hold an equivalent degree. Once you enter in our programme you can choose one of the five specialisations. If you would like to do different modules from different specialisations, then you should follow the 'De-disciplined Body' specialisation.

Do I need to live in the Netherlands to study at HOME ?

The Master Performance Practices is a low residency course. That means that our modules are delivered in residential periods throughout the year. During these periods your presence is obligatory. Outside of these periods you can live wherever you like, but please bear in mind that the Master is a full-time programme (which means you need to dedicate at 5 full days a week towards your research).

Are the MA Performance Practices and its specialisations a practical or theoretical programmes?

Practice and theory meet and permeate each other in an ongoing artistic research. The programme aims at equipping students with contextual, conceptual and methodological tools to reflect critically and rigorously on their practice.

I don't have a Bachelor's at all or I don't have a Bachelor's in Performing Arts. Can I still apply?

Unfortunately, at this time, we can only accept applicants who hold a bachelor's degree from a recognised University. We do welcome applications, however, from people who have a BA in a discipline other than the performing arts as long as they can demonstrate their professional practice in the performing arts and how they think this Master's degree can benefit towards their development.

Do you have an Open Day?

Yes, we do. For more information check the events on our website.

I study at another University. Can I join you as an exchange student?

We have exchange students joining our programme every year. Based on the compatibility of your current programme of study, we might invite you over for an interview to discuss about this possibility together.

Is the Master's degree at HOME OF PERFORMANCE PRACTICES and officially accredited programme?

Yes, the Master Performance Practices at HOME is accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). The accreditation means that the degree is recognised internationally and the programmes receives Dutch state funding. The Master Performance Practices is a unique Master's Programme in the CROHO 49125.




Important information for applicants holding an EU-passport : once accepted at the MTP you can decide whether you will move to Arnhem for the duration of your studies or stay in your own country.


The MTP is a full-time programme (it requires you to dedicate between 4 and 5 days per week to your artistic research) but it does not necessarily require your presence in Arnhem on a PERMANENT base; it is possible to travel back and forth from wherever you are residing (in the Netherlands or abroad). During the intensive blocks your presence is however CONDITIONAL.


To students who are nevertheless interested in moving to Arnhem (conveniently located in regard to train- or highway connections with Amsterdam, Utrecht and German cities like, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf) we can perhaps offer our help in finding you a place to stay. Note that the costs of housing and living in Arnhem in general are lower then in Rotterdam, let alone Amsterdam.


Once you've been accepted to our program and are wishing to register in the Netherlands but not necessarily planning to live in Arnhem you are welcome to seek our advice about housing-possibilities in other Dutch cities. But please note that our capacities to help you in this regard are fairly limited. You will also have to check whether you need a visa (MVV) or a residence permit (VVR).

Nuffic, the Netherlands organisation for international cooperation in higher education, also provides extensive information about studying in the Netherlands:


Non-EU/EER students accepted to our program should contact the ArtEZ International Office and can offer you help and advice with the underlying requirements.

A residence permit is mandatory for nationals from a non-EU/ non-EEA country that have been accepted at MTP as master students and will reside in the Netherlands for the duration of their studies. Beside this permit, students from most non-EEA countries need a long-stay visa (mvv) as well. This visa allows you to travel into the Netherlands, where you can collect your residence permit.

ArtEZ provides an accelerated procedure to apply for visa.

Once you have been fully accepted, the ArtEZ Student Affairs Department will apply for your visa and permit as soon as they have received all necessary documents and your financial guarantee (including the tuition fee and the income requirement as set by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND)). More information on the income requirement below. It is not possible to apply for this visa yourself. Please check the website to find out if you need a long-stay visa to travel to the Netherlands.