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Becom(th)ings: Posthumanish, Subjectivity, Performance Art

Anushka Nair


The dissertation project Becom(th)ings: Posthumanism, Subjectivity, Performance Art is a phenomenological artistic research culminating in the performance installation Roo(u)ting. The research is an artistic-philosophical-material inquiry into processual Becoming with objects, both organic and inorganic, from everyday life. It is driven by the desire to make visible the rhizomatic and fluid relations between human and more-than-human bodies through making apparent the agencies of objects, our liquid entangled ontologies and the ethics of care for per/forming intra-active affective relations with bodies of the world. It applies phenomenology, autobiography and diffraction as methods to attend to emergent phenomena, difference making practices and an inquiry into the practices of self/other. It hopes to make malleable and expand fixed notions of human subjectivity by offering a rooted but routing approach—stable yet seeking contingent paths of relations with matter. An approach, that attends to the merging of personal and material knots of identity.

Supervisor: Dr. Nishant Shah

External mentors: Charlotte Grum, Eve Katsouraki

Keywords: posthumanism, becoming, rhizomatic, phenomenology, fluid bodies

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