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BLA BLA (Between Language and Body-Language and) Dance-Poetry

Analu Fretta Barros


BLA BLA (BETWEEN LANGUAGES AND BODY-LANGUAGES AND) DANCE-POETRY is an artistic research that discusses an autobiographical practice through dance and poetry improvisation as a way to escape normative and colonial universal meanings. Narratives are part of our identity, and my artistic practice proposes an understanding of identity that is fluid. Therefore, this practice fails rigid, and crystallised narratives proposed by patriarchal discourses. Acknowledging the entanglement of body and words in our daily life experience, in the way we understand our life and our-selves, this research engages dance and poetry as ways to articulate the meanings we produce through language (literary and bodily). Through the improvisational tools of repetition, transformation, and postponing in writing, dancing, and speaking, my research proposes an autobiographical space that is nonlinear, and non-fixed. The improvisational tools engage failure as a utopic act of prompting possibilities of living beyond the norms, as failing grammar, failing the heteronormative body, failing the colonial Christian words.

Supervisor: daz disley

Keywords: dance, autobiography, poetry improvisation

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