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Lingering Dance: Kinesthetic Experience of Time in Movement

Dieter Defurne


In this study, I take an in-depth look at the kinesthetic experience of time in dance improvisation, with the aim of developing a method of movement based on the notion of the Body as Archive. I will refer to this method as Lingering Dance. In this, the body is seen as a container of knowledge, consciously and unconsciously taking in and processing the information that is externally and internally present. Lingering Dance has the purpose of creating a distinct movement vocabulary and an individual rhythm in the dancer’s body. This, in turn, can trigger other dancers and movement practitioners to experiment with their existing movement or dance vocabulary and allow them to embody their archive fully. The different types of ‘bodies’, The Body that Holds Time, The Body as Archive, The Shifting Body and The Sound Body will be discussed in Chapter 2. Time and the Body.

Supervisor: Dr. Mariela Greil

External Mentor: Elizabeth Estaras

Keywords: choreography, body as archive, open form composition

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