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Negotiable Consent: A care Mechanism in Participatory Performance

Barbara Lehtna


NEGOTIABLE CONSENT AS A CARE-MECHANISM IN PARTICIPATORY PERFORMANCE is an artistic research project which is examining how to use manipulative methods in a participatory performance in an ethical and moral way without harming the chosen aesthetics of the work. More specifically, it concentrates on reworking the 1980s discourse of feminist care ethics through the notion of genuine agency in order to build up a method of negotiable consent. The project employs different research methods such as literary review, case studies, action research, comparative analysis, reflection, and feedback in order to incorporate and evaluate a vicissitude of critical information about the main notions of the research which are ethics, morals, manipulation, aesthetics, care, and consent. The need for such a research project arose from my own personal interest in developing a practical method that would provide support as a structured model of decision making not only for myself but also for other artists working with manipulative methods within participatory performances. I believe that the method of negotiable consent helps to fill the gap between ethical and moral conduct and risk-taking deriving from using manipulative methods on stage.

Supervisor: Dr. João da Silva

External Mentor Dr. Konstantina Georgelou

Keywords: negotiable consent, feminist care ethics, manipulation, participatory performance

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