Nonstop Languaging as Autotheory in Art and Academia

Antriana Moutoula


This dissertation discusses the practice of nonstop languaging as a form of autotheory, which aims to renegotiate the confinements, norms, and proto-cols of knowledge production within artistic academic spaces. I am propos-ing a writing of the self that is not focused on recalling facts or narrating sto-ries, but rather on tracing my thoughts in real time through language (lan-guaging) and witnessing them simultaneously with another person (neces-sary other). In that uneditedness and encountering with the other I see a po-tentiality for carrying the self and producing discourse in the continuous pre-sent.

My research seeks to foreground the critical abilities of feminine writing and to contribute to the inclusion of non-phallocentric mode of working with language within artist academic discourse.

Supervisor Dr João da Silva

External Mentors: Emma Cocker, Jeanine Durning

Keywords: nonstop languaging, instant composition, feminine writing, autotheory

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