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Performing the Real: Self-care Practices to Combat Anxiety and depression in
Arts Education and in the Arts Market

Thomas Diafas


“Performing the Real” is an ongoing practice-based research that functions at the intersection of performance art and education. By introducing "self-care" practices in the creative process, and by presenting this process as a performance, I investigate methods to combat anxiety and depression the way arts students are experiencing them at ArtEZ. The research is co-created by ArtEZ students from various departments. The content is charged with the personal experiences of myself and the research participants, students and alumni of ArtEZ University of the Arts.
The research led to the creation of the long durational performance piece “Opera: we deserve rest lovelier than diamonds” where ArtEZ students and alumni created the space for rest and care that the research was aiming for.

Supervisor: Dr. João da Silva external mentor: Nitsan Margaliot and Stella Dimitrakopoulou

Keywords: anxiety, depression, education, arts, performanceart, capitalism, burnout, exhaustion, artsmarket, selfcare

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