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PUTASAGRADA – A Queer-Antropofagic Ap-proach to disrupt Gender in Normative Spaces

Luiza Jaffe


During the period of 2019-2021, I have problematized how people who iden-tify as women are placed in passive and submissive roles in society. With the goal to expose the consequences of placing women in this position, I have created a persona called Putasagrada using the Freudian Madonna/Whore Dichotomy, as a motivation to transgress how women are defined by patriarchal standards. To transgress these definitions, I gathered methods with decolonial approaches, based on artists who questions generalizations of culture, gender, sexuality and more. I used reverse-eth-nography created by GGP and Coco Fusco as the main method to perform. My first question upon the research was how to create a persona who would be capable of empowering other women using reverse-ethnography.

The findings of this question bought into the practice the use of abject, an-tropofagia-queer and questions upon colonization. It also brought to surface an em-pathetic, at the same time unapologetic approach to an audience who is willing to be empowered and aware of the influences of Eurocentrism in other countries. The re-search further developed on two directions which are bounding a series of methods which can allow the practice to be disseminated or applied on myself and by creating the possibility to expand the field of feminist performance art with more Latin-Amer-ican references to approach gender constructions and dismantle patriarchy.

Supervisor: Fenia Kotsopoulou

External Mentor: Joana Doria

Keywords: empowerment, queer, an-tropofagia queer, colonization, feminist performance art

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