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Queer-ies in Ritual: A Study of Queer Subjectivities in Emergence

Stylianos Troullakis


QUEER-IES IN RITUAL: A STUDY OF QUEER SUBJECTIVITIES IN EMERGENCE is an ongoing artist research project interested in exploring queer subjectivities as they emerge outside of subjugation – or when they are not perceived as ‘’Other.’’ The research focuses on how a ritualistic performance setting may facilitate intra-actions between queer bodies, and documents the subjectivities arising from said intra-actions. For this purpose, a combination of critical queer and gender theories are employed, alongside concepts and discourses taken from feminist new materialism and Performance Studies.

This research stems from a personal, ongoing quest for identity in this complex political landscape, with increasing public demonstrations of queerphobia, transphobia, racism, ableism, war, and a neoliberal capitalist society that either turns a blind eye or exploits and profits from the daily struggles of people. It is inspired by the transformation I have realized in myself, facilitated by every new queer acquaintance that has entered my life and the acknowledgement of the ways we learn, grow and reshape our viewpoints together; the power acceptance, love, and belonging carry.

Supervisor: daz disley
External Mentors: Joseph Morgan Schofield and Nadja Mattioli

Keywords: queerness, rituals, intra-action, gender theories

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