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The Fissure Practice: a trans-(de)-disciplinary artistic research on breaking silences through “envoicement” and embodiment

Gab Branco


“The FISSURE Practice” is a trans-(de)-disciplinary artistic research that criss-crosses performance studies, biopolitics, cultural anthropology and psychology. The thesis approaches a detailed analyses on the hypothesis about the oppressive TRIAD of Colonialism, Capitalism and White Supremacy - that seals the individual and collective processes of subjugation and exploitation; and it discusses the TRIAD Vortex on behavioural patterns that delineates practices of control, discipline and domination from Western societies on macropolitical and micropolitical scales linked to experiences of trauma. The FISSURE practice delves into community-based, body and vocal somatic practices within artivism in order to trigger the breaking of silence and behavioural patterns from the TRIAD Vortex. Such a process potentially can provoke emotional discharge through catharsis, as it is observed on the author’s performances, participants, and audience members. The emergence of this practice aims to offer exercises of re-(dis)-covery of the self – critically unravelling “silenced-burdens” and the “fissures” inflicted on one’s body. The hypothesis, therefore, analyse that the “fissure” strives against the TRIAD and its Vortex by generating processes of (self)emancipation of the oppressed unconscious.

Fenia Kotsopoulou
External Mentors:
Susanne Weins and VestAndPage

Trans-(de)-disciplinarity; (co)autoethnography; socially engaged art; oppression; behavioural patterns; trauma; “envoicement”; catharsis; (self)emancipation; “Fissure” manifestation.

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