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Research Projects

HOME OF PERFORMANCE PRACTICES has a thriving research culture. Alongside the independent research of individual students and faculty, we encourage collaborative, de-disciplined and socially engaged research initiatives.

Below you can find a depository of all the research conducted by our Master students.




Choreography Research Projects

Choreography based Research Projects

ANALU FRETTA BARROS (2020-2022) | BLA BLA: Between Languages and Body-Languages and Dance-Poetry

ANNE MARINA FIDLER (2020-2022) | Remedies for Connection: Polyvagal Practices and Participatory Performance

ANTI UIMONEN (2020-2022) | Movement Improvisation as a Practices to Imagine Sustainable Futures

BARBARA LEHTNA (2019-2021) | Negotiable Consent: A care-mechanism in participatory performance

CAN BORA (2020-2022) | Responsible Autonomy: Felt-sense & the Entanglements of Fascism, Somatics, and Eroticism

DIETER DEFURNE (2018-2020) | Lingering Dance: Kinesthetic Experience of Time in Movement

ELLA TIGHE (2019-2021) |  The Hospitality of Surrender: Re-situating Agency within Dance Practice

EMILY WELTHER (2019-2021) | Landscape of Liveness; Re/telling Plant Human Stories Through Live Performance

IRINA BALDINI (2019-2021) | Between a kick and a cuddle: A Fluid-Methodology based on Doubt and Confusion

FERNANDA GONZALES MORALES (2018-2020) |  Expanding Dance: A radically tender approach to bodily movement, authorship, and staging

KADRI SIREL (2020-2022) | De-desiring Dance Languaging for the Emergence of Dance Thinking

KATRINA DUKA (2020-2022) | Femme Queens and Gender Glitches: Performing the Technology of Becoming-monster

KORINA PAPADIMITRIOU KORDOVA SANTOS (2019-2021)| Amazoning Practices: processes of thinking/moving with a landscape

PENELOPE MOROUT (2018-2020) | H.I.I.T.: High-Intensity Identity Training: Strategies of self-awareness in a world fit for consumption

PISIOU MARIA (2018-2020) | Instant Composition Practices: The Principles of Instant Composition Practices and a Score-based Approach to Instant Composition Performances

SOFIA KONDYLIA(2018-2020) |  Performing Geometries: Embodying Regular Euclidean Shapes by Means of the Dancing Body

ZANDILE DARKO (2020-2022) | Becoming Turtle: Posthuman Strategies of Practice




Theatre Practices Research Projects

Performance Art based Research Projects

Performance Art Researh projecs
Digital Performances ResearchProjects
Dedisciplined Researche Projects
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